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PostHeaderIcon Tattoos and The Risk of Contracting Hepatitis C

A recent study finds that people with tattoos were almost three times more likely to have hepatitis C as those without tattoos. In addition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that, “Whenever tattoos or body piercings are performed in informal settings or with non-sterile instruments, transmission of hepatitis C and other infectious diseases is possible.” On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, it is rare for tattoos in an approved facility to be directly associated with Hepatitis C infection. To further help reduce the risks of contracting this infectious disease University of Cincinnati’s Marlene von Friederichs-Fitzwater suggests five questions that should be asked before getting a tattoo: Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Top Tattoo Mistakes – What NOT To DO

When getting a new tattoo one wants it to be the best tattoo they can get. We all want a new tattoo to be a reflection of who we are to the world and display an important person or time period in a person

PostHeaderIcon Sexy boobs tattoos by

Sexy boobs tattoos by

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PostHeaderIcon Beginning Tattooing Tips : How To Outline A Tattoo

PostHeaderIcon Photoshop: Tattoo Removal

Learn how to effectively remove a tattoo in Photoshop

PostHeaderIcon Top Five Bad Tattoos- really bad!!

Top Five Bad Tattoos- really bad!!

PostHeaderIcon Hard Prison tattoos

In prison, you can’t wear your own clothes. You can’t do? anything to show your individuality. Tattoos is the only thing the prison staff cannot take from you. It is how one shows their individuality.

PostHeaderIcon Sexy Tattoos on Women – Sexy Tattoo Designs

These women look sexy and bad ass any man that doesn’t like it is intimidated… also? no ones wrinkled skin looks good. Trust me your wrinkled old skin will look ugly even without any tatoos. I’m getting my sleeve in 4 days I can’t wait!! Go girls!

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